It's my honor to share with you my thoughts, feelings, and life.

I am a man who enjoys the companies of others, immersing myself in other worlds through portals we call books, and being open to new experiencing.

My faith means a lot to me because I'm alive after going through a few horrific experiences. It by the grace of God that I am to write this blurb. It's time to share my stories and encourage others. With that, let's shoot off some bullet points below.

Over the years, I often make a deep dive into the ocean of knowledge based on curiosity and other's recommendations.

  • Art
  • Cults
  • Childhood Trauma
  • Religions
  • Marketing
  • Mental Illness
  • Self-Improvement
  • Literature
  • Sales
  • Leadership

My well runs deep with gratitude because other's have watered their knowledge, experience, and wisdom to help me grow.

Give you a run down of some inspirational accomplishments:

  • Paid back my student loans @ 25
  • Earned a 20k check for earning the Highest Achiever Award at a wicked cool start-up
  • Lost 100lbs
  • Quit smoking
  • Quit binge drinking
  • Became more mindful
  • I started to love myself, forgiving others, and reconciling myself
  • Continually understanding and persevering a sickness that is thankfully is being conquered daily by the amazingness of our minds and bodies
  • Climb Mount Equinox dead of Winter (Epic)
  • Ran 5 Polar Plunge Runs
  • Ran a half marathon in the Winter
  • Walked 16 miles in Japan
  • Thriving after 13 mental hospital visits

Bang, each bullet point represents a shot of hope for myself and you.

I have a story to give you and hopefully you'll exit this domain leaving refreshed.

Take my hand and let's explore together travel lands of unknown stories, tales, and thoughts.