Go travel

From December 30th, 2016 to January 13th, 2017 I backpacked through Japan. Two of my good friends and I decided we wanted to explore Japan to have an adventure of a lifetime. 

We did, and much more. Even though this trip was solely travel, it ended up being a time to network and meet new friends. No job will ever replace the experience of taking a break and exploring another country. 

Don't wait till you retire because, honestly, it will be too late. You'll hit your expiration, and you won't have the stamina as you would in your youth. As a person, I've grown more in these last two weeks than the last year and a half at my previous company. It gave me the boost and encouragement to come back with a whole new perspective on life. 

As this boat called Life is sailing the turbulent sea of the unknown, the ship's navigation system is constantly changing because of trips like this. 

Before going, I only saw myself staying and building a career in sales and marketing, however, now experiencing Japan, my desire is to help to teach English over there. 

That would of never of happened if my friends and I decided to stay comfortable in our American jobs. 

A life not traveled, is not a life worth living.

Through my experiences, if you never take the opportunity to go and explore the world then you become an annoying person. Only able to relate to cultures and other's world-views through documentaries and the internet. It isn't enough and traveling allows you to become a richer person to be around in your work environment. 

Sure, it's an investment. But, it's an investment well worth the money and time. 

Of course, if you aren't able to travel then use apps to mingle with other people from other cultures. Ask them what life was like in their country, the foods that they enjoyed, and the experiences they had.  Hell, go all the way and learn a new language. 

Make a fool out of yourself because at the end of the day we are idiots wearing a mask that appears like we have it together. 

Take it off and burn it.

Check out the map below of where my friends and I explored.  

Hope this post is an encouragement and makes you start planning for your next trip. 

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