Passionately failing

You’ll miss one hundred percent of the shots you don’t you take.

That quote above rested on the windowsill across from the coffee machine at Samanage. It was never talked about or brought up as a talking point while pouring our coffees. However, one of my colleagues referred to it once, and it left a lasting impression on me.   

When I first started, my biggest fear was failing and getting fired from this company because I couldn't fulfill my end of the bargain. You can ask anyone; I was a loose screw my first few weeks. I was asking a barrage of questions to help me formulate this cold-calling process. Hoping to glean anything to use in this new sales development role. 

Thankfully, this quote helped me immensely while working and creating this new outbound department. 

My mindset is operating on this thought-process that you only fail by not experiencing or trying something new. So when we talked about that quote; it fueled this flame to continue to make the dials. 

It paid off because I started to call and email people who needed our services. It would have never happened if I didn't make those shots, dials. My perspective is you fail when you don't grab that ball of opportunity to make a shot. Sure, you may miss, but by taking the shot, you succeed.

My other friend, who didn't work at the company, shared a profound piece of advice to help build on this mindset and embolden me to continue to make the shots.  He said this to me,

"What's the worst thing that will happen?"

A nasty no, a quick hang up, or an awful attitude? 

That's a lot better than getting stabbed, beaten, or mugged. Thankfully, that doesn't happen when you call someone. Instead, when you keep making those shots you eventually cross paths with someone who needs your services. When those moments happen, you're glad you kept making those shots because you start making more buckets.





Barnaby AlkireComment