THE Manifest

Life is amazing.

There's so little time, and there's so much to explore on this planet than to waste it in front of a screen.

My manifest is to use this venue to capture my life and to carry on my legacy.

Experiencing life together is better than experiencing it in solitude.

There will always be someone that is smarter, with a different worldview, and better than me, and I want to be open to those people.

This island of knowledge, surrounded by the sea of unknown, is small and will increasingly be small as the island grows.

Love is the non-existent perpetual motor that continues to run and love has been shown to me when I didn't deserve or want it.

My end-goal is to be a human being that never stops being curious, never stops learning, never settles, and never stops laughing.




Anything written on the site is my opinion, and my association with any entity or employer does not reflect their views.  

My opinions will or might offend you, and I'd encourage to practice tolerance as you use this site. 

As the owner of this great canvas, I have the right to take my proverbial rag, dip it in alcohol, and smudge out any foulness that takes away from the portrait. 

Also, we can agree that you and I change over time. So, on agreeing that, my thoughts and opinions will evolve as time passes, and you will find inconsistency from one moment to another. If so, please use grace and excuse my humanness. 

Thank you and happy reading!