Thought number one


anger and disappointment at being treated unfairly; resentment.

Bitterness. You ever think about the burnt down districts of your relationships because of bitterness?

Bitterness. Doesn't it seem like when it takes over nothing else matters, but seeking retribution?

Bitterness. How deep the scars keep digging as you hold on to the pain and unforgiveness?

Look, I'm not sure if I'll ever fully convey my story on the internet (maybe through a paperback book), but I'm definitely going to convey my thoughts and stories of the aftermath of tsunamic events and ant-like events. 

Life seems to always bring to you a fork in a road. One sign points to a path and says bitterness and the other says forgiveness. If you take in the definition provided above, then you see there's a key word there. It's disappointment. Disappointment occurs when you set an expectation in a situation and when the situation doesn't meet your expectation then you become disappointed.

It's an opportunity to spin and weave a narrative that you've been treated wrongly or unfairly. However, that's simply not the case. By not setting the expectation in a situation, you avoid becoming bitter because it didn't matter the outcome. 

I've traveled the road of bitterness often growing up because I had high expectations with every situation. It soured a lot of relationships and my words became acidic because I was "wronged" against. 

Forgiveness, though. Man, that's a whole other thought. Forgiveness is like an iced over bridge thawed. To take the analogy further, bitterness is that ice that covers the bridge and it makes it harmful to cross.  

All that to say, bitterness will do more harm than good and I can attest to that from past experiences. Will I enter into that path again? You bet I will because I am a flawed human being. As I grow older, though, that road becomes less traveled because it's better to forgive than to be a sardonic human being.

I hope you enjoyed the first thought recorded on this website. 

Barnaby Alkire