To be forgotten


Recently, I was at one of my favorite author's live podcast event in NYC. 

He was great and I cherished every minute of it. There was Q&A session for the general audience and then a private Q&A session with a more intimate atmosphere. All that to say, there was a question I wanted to ask, but I never did. 

Instead, like a coward, I asked a wasted question about Japan and where to go because the plan was to travel there in two weeks from that time. Cool response to the question, however, not what I wanted to ask, though. 

The real question I wanted to ask him, after creating 4 popular self-improvement books, was if he were to die today and he was able to glimpse into the life of the living, would he be okay if he was forgotten?

As a human being, we work to build a name and a legacy for ourselves, but what if we twisted the whole scene and throw out that idea?

We just work to be forgotten with all of our intentions in the world. We just don't care about being known. 

I struggle with that.

Heck, I wrestled with that as a kid and I'm still a kid.

In my late teens, my goal was to bust into this world loud and proud about changing this place. I got knocked down so hard and landed on my two cheeks which changed my whole course of life. My good friend helped me adopt this idea, you may completely disagree which is absolutely acceptable, that we're worms.

We mire in the soil as a defenseless, helpless, and are disgusting poo poo eating creatures. 

Good for two things: Nurturing the ground and being a meal for the birds. 

Of course, there's more to it than that. The One who I follow put's it all in perspective with that analogy. 

Here's the thing, you wouldn't care to understand me. You've made a snap judgment about me and you're closed off with having a two-way conversation. 

Frankly, this culture has been conditioned and no one seems to really care. Everything is permissible and, by observation, no one has a declarative thought about their life because they don't want to offend or be different from anyone. Or, we're just not allowed to... 

Throw it out the window because it's pointless. 

Fact: I consider my life as a worm because the way I view my relation to the King. 

So, will you get upset, comment in anger or pity, or have a conversation?

Oh, by the way, back to point of this snippet of thought. 

Why wouldn't you be okay if you were forgotten?



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