Who are you?

Why do you make the choices you do?

Why do protest or why do you desire something better?

At this point, do you know? Do you know who you are? Is your "original" opinion yours or an idea planted by the various social media platforms or various news networks?

Let's agree for a second to observe our current society. Isn't it strange we are given options, but forced to choose that one that we don't desire? For example, my previous company did not make it mandatory to own a smartphone to be employed there. However, they installed a door lock app to enter the building, and it implied to all employees are required to have a smartphone. If an employee with a flip phone wanted to come in early to start the day or access other doors to another part of the office, they simply couldn't. Colleagues would ridicule them for not being a part of the herd, I mean society or modern techie culture, and they wouldn't be with that company for long unless they were forced to buy a smartphone.

What kind of choice is that?

Same goes for health insurance. Why is that I'm required health insurance or else face the consequence of paying the penalty for not having it? Why not allow me to make a choice to suffer the consequence on the chance that I might be in the hospital or visit a doctor if I need to. If I don't want to pay the penalty, it's forcing me to chose to have health insurance even though I don't want it.  

I don't have a Facebook account. How much longer will it be before that changes because I am required to have a social media account?

China’s New Tool for Social Control: A Credit Rating for Everything

So, who are you? How far will you go for your own choice, thought, or identity? Will you stop bringing your phone with you to places? Will get rid of your TV or streaming service? Will you sell everything in your life that makes you comfortable and live with the things you need?

This post is a fresh thought to me, or is it? Hahaha. Who knows, right? All I do know is that these tools are tools and once it starts becoming a part of my identity then there should be a readjustment. 

It's my hope to continue to be lead by this desire to be aware and to make a strong effort for any tool not to dictate my life.






Barnaby Alkire